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4 Best Windows Graphic Editors For Free

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Everyone had to use graphic editors at least once as there are many options which are required in our daily routine: to cut or to change size of a picture, to add text, to correct colors or to make a nice frame for a photograph. These simple actions don't require purchasing special graphic software which incorporates many professional functions which are quite difficult for everyday usage. It is enough to download a free graphic editor for you. 

Pixia 6.01t

The slimware Pixia 6.01t (14,6 Мb) is operated by any version of Windows. The application has many useful functions which the majority of free editors lack. You immediately appreciate the advantages of Pixia when you launch the program. The program has minimum random access memory requirements while it operates perfectly fast. 

The program provides all the basic tools which allow you to edit pictures and photos effectively and proficiently. There are interesting additional features of Pixia 6.01t which worth to be considered:

  • simultaneous edition of several documents; 
  • transperancy effect;
  • creation of 3-dimensional layers; 
  • separate graphical PXA format exists, PSD Adobe Photoshop format support and compatibility with the following formats: ico, png, pict, ipeg, tiff, bmp;
  • handy tool allowing to add and correct text; 
  • Loop tool designed for high-accuracy edition of fine details and easy painting. 

The program supports Smooth Zoom function which allows users to expand a picture in 2, 4, 8 ... 32 times while the quality of the picture enlarged is fully preserved. The unique Biorythm Graph function helps you to reflect human biorhythms in a graphical presentation. The only significant disadvantage of Pixia 6.01t is deficiency of opportunities for batch processing and macros which make many routine operations much faster and easier. But these disadvantages don't degrade productive performance of the process.

PhotoFiltre 7.2.0

PhotoFiltre is a graphic editor which is distributed absolutely for free. The application includes all the tools required to create, edit and correct pictures of different formats. Many patterns and plugins effectively broaden the software features. 

As distinguished from the majority of free editors PhotoFiltre 7.2.0 allows you to perform the following actions:

  • to apply more than a hundred graphic filters;
  • to add and edit text notes; 
  • to use several types of outlines and textures; 
  • to work with presets; 
  • to find pictures fast and easy; 
  • to scan pictures using scanners, photo cameras and web-cameras; 
  • to use features of Plug-in-Play regime; 
  • to apply batch-mode processing of pictures. 
  • The great advantage of the program is its easy and user-friendly interface which is simple to grasp for a short period of time even for a beginner. The substantial set of functions and filters will make you feel professional when you get used to this great program.

Hornil StylePix

The consistent users of Hornil StylePix are looking forward to each update of this graphic editor. And it is fully understandable as few freewares can offer such a great set of features. The program requires very little space while it works rapidly. 

Hornil StylePix provides a full set of tools which is frequently used by professional designers. There are: 

  • clone brushes and easy transformation; 
  • gradient fill and mirroring; 
  • color correction and framing;
  • deletion of "red eye" effect and many other options. 

You have a wide range of options to correct brightness, sharpness, contrast and other basic parameters of edition of various pictures and photos. The features of Hornil StylePix are approaching top professional software according to the revues of professional designers and editors.  

The program Hornil StylePix requires only 5,5 Mb and it is powered by Windows Vista / XP / 7 / 8.

FotoSketcher 2.99

FotoSketcher is a user-friendly freeware which is powered by Windows Vista / XP / 7 / 8. The application allows users to edit pictures and photos. The settings of the program are simple and handy even for beginners who have no experience in editing pictures and have no special knowledge. You will be able to use various effects and change photos as you wish fast and easy. The application has an option of batch-processing.  

Use your own imagination and features of FotoSketcher in order to add effects of picture painted in ink, pen, oils and create your own styles. You can edit contrast, sharpness and many other parameters. You will be able to add frames and text comments to create your own masterpiece.  

The program is available for free download even in case you plan to use it for commercial purposes. FotoSketcher can be applied to teach other people to edit pictures and you will enjoy its outstanding variety of features.

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