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Sculptris — a gift for 3D Artists

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Absolutely free and besides easy-to-use, simple and multifunctional professional program for three-dimensional modeling – it’s the greatest rarity. For this reason, Sculptris market appearance had the effect of a bombshell among 3D Artists. All of us have creativity to some extent. Cave art, music, architecture and sculpture created by people throughout centuries were improved, as well as the instruments of self-expression. And today musicians, artists, designers and sculptors have such means and opportunities in their disposition, which neither Falcone, nor Donizetti even didn't dare to dream of.

3D sculpture - what is it?

1Three-dimensional sculpture, that is a magnet for fans of 3D Graphics, is often associated with the ZBrash program from Pixologic company. The program features don't need advertising, as well as CG lead artists' works performed in ZBrash Pixologic 3D editor. Photorealistic pictures, whole star movie stills, perfect advertising models, sketches of computer game heroes - all these are performed with maximum detail by means of Virtual Molding tools.

Three-dimensional molding programs of ZBrash level — 3D-Coat, Mudbox are distributed on a paid basis. But anybody except the unknown Swedish programmer Thomas Peterson (Tomas Pettersson) has offered 3D- artists free professional products of Sculptris level so far.

Competitor or partner?

Stable and free Sculptris program, a real alternative to ZBrush editor, offering the same functionality, became the real headache for Pixologic. It became clear that further upgrading of Sculptris can put an end to Pixologic monopoly on the market of 3D modeling sculptural software. Short negotiations of the company management team with Thomas Peterson ended with his moving to California as the official member of Pixologic team. From this point, Peterson’s brainchild Sculptris was fated to become a ZBrush component as an addition to the main tools, and further releases of the program - to be published under the Pixologic brand.


Sculptris — simple, like everything genius

Maximum features with the least program size – it’s the principle of a perfect program which is brilliantly implemented in Sculptris. The program occupies only a few megabytes in the archive, but has all powerful three-dimensional editor features, and tools sufficient for 3D moulding of any complexity. So, what new has Peterson managed to offer in his program releases? The main Sculptris advantages are simplicity and availability which allow the novice user to master the program interface from the first time.





The control of transformer sculpture changes in a viewport is exercised by means of computer mouse scroll wheel, which allows zooming in or zooming out the object. By pressing the right button of a mouse one can roll the three-dimensional model by a needed angle up to 360 degrees.

In Sculptris the hands of the sculptor are imitated by virtual brushes of different profile and strength. Using the left mouse button one can increase the surface, using the right button – create the effect of the hollow. A virtual brush that is perfect for performing the desired operation and imitating a particular tool of a sculptor can be easily found in the image gallery.


 Work with brushes and with workspace is extremely simplified. The modeling is carried out both in symmetric (by default), and in asymmetric mode. Detailing of the developed object can be enlarged “on the fly” by means of splitting surfaces.

Support of protection against failures and options for graphic tablets is pleasant news for artists. Pixologic company developers are sure: joining of ZBrush and Sculptris potentials will considerably expand the possibilities of virtual sculpture 3D modeling.

You can download Sculptris for Windows platform here.

The version for Mac OS X computers is available here.

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