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WebCamMax - color your communication!

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The possibilities given by Internet communications become larger every day. People living far from each other get new opportunities for communication. Installing any of the simple chat clients you can easily correspond with somebody and discuss any topic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And installing Skype, for example, you can make video calls and conduct online conferences. For conferences, though, you shall also need a webcam, which is affordable to people with any income.

New opportunities for communication

It would seem that everything has been already invented, all opportunities for easy communication have been found, and there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. But it turns out that new opportunities for exciting virtual communication are just starting to unfold. And all thanks to the latest software products that are delivered to users both on a paid basis and for free.

WebCamMax is a functional, simple and original program which considerably extends the capabilities of traditional webcams and opportunities for interactive communication. The program has appeared recently, but in the year already it got updated to the 7-th version, acquiring new original and popular features.

Using a simple webcam and WebCamMax you can add different video- and special effects to your interactive interface, without having to use a real video camera.

The latest WebCamMax versions are available by default in such popular applications as AIM, ICQ, Skype, Camfrog, MSN, Paltalk, Stickam, ANYwebcam, Yahoo Messenger, Ustream, JustinTV and others.

WebCamMax Full can be adjusted in such a way that the camera will resume broadcasting only when you fix the moving object.

Special effects in WebCamMax


Install WebCamMax and use more than 1000 special effects available on the developer’s website. The effects are easily added to the video stream transmitted from the camera. The users have already appreciated the following opportunities:

  • scrolling text over video;
  • TV screen saver;
  • fog effect;
  • water effect;
  • the possibility of using one camera within several simultaneously running programs;
  • wide opportunities for editing one’s image;
  • creation of your own special effects.

The program is intended for installation on PC running Windows. The latest version file size is only 25.3 Mb, which allows installing WebCamMax in minimum time, without any problems. Using WebCamMax you can not only create hundreds of effects, but also:

  • record video;
  • upload the recordings to YouTube and Facebook;
  • use PinP tools;
  • color the interface, if you like;
  • use multiple languages.

Multilingual simple and intuitive interface will allow you to adjust the desired functions for a few minutes. With WebCamMax you don’t need to select a specific webcam model or a webcam of a certain manufacturer – use any one and enjoy the new quality of communication.


The program allows unlimited expansion of library of special effects, which you can find in the Internet. Have a good time adding funny effects, transform your image if you want to, transport yourself to exotic corners of the globe, intrigue your interlocutor and start new romantic acquaintances with innovative WebCamMax features.


WebCamMax is the best way to turn usual communication into an adventure which you want to repeat again and again.

Full version of the program that unfolds all the possibilities of WebCamMax is delivered on a paid basis. The limited trial version of the program is available for free download.

You can download the program from developer’s website: http://www.WebCamMax.com/

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