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Author:Artem Izmaylov
Version:3.55 Build 1355
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:7.4 MB
This is lightweight player for audio files, which is available free. It is designed for fast start of work and required minimum efforts of the system. Thanks to the built-in utilities, AIMP is useful if you want to change format of the audio file, to record any sound using the connected device, which helps to record the sound, to make changes in tags of music files, and to change name and sort all package of files. AIMP is based on the audio - engine BASS.Main characteristics of AIMP:
  • Is useful for work with almost all kind of music formats.
  • User can hear quite different sound, comparing with other popular. Different technology is available with 32-bit audio processing.
  • Has quite sensitive equalizer that works with 18 band. Own different sound effects.
  • Player takes minimum energy from the system.
  • Own converter for all kind of audio files, which useful to change format to that format which you need by the moment.
  • Ability to record from AudioCD and any other audio device in the most popular using the built-in utility audio converter.
  • Built-in tag editor with which help you can edit tags of audio files and also rename group of files, sort files by template or apply meaning of tags to a group of files.
  • Support for plugins - Input, DSP and GPP plugins from Winamp, as well as its own plug-ins.
  • Play streaming content. Streams can be written to disk in wav or MP3.
  • Full Unicode support.
  • Saving of the playlist in the track list of format txt or html.
  • Minimize the player in the small socket (Tray Control) or in the tray.
  • The type of visualization in the form of the two scales, in real-time, which displays the volume level each of the channel (Analog meter).

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