Avant Browser

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Author:Avant Force
Version:2015 build 27
Last Update:2015-08-28
Size:4.28 MB

Avant Browser is a great tool based on improved Internet Explorer version aimed at building brand new browsing experience due to its great features and customized menu to work with.

Avant Browser includes 3 built-in engines that stand behind 3 most popular Internet browsers nowadays: Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. So it literally combines best features of the three using different mechanisms for different websites.

This browser offers a wider range of functions in comparison to most popular analogues available today. The user interface can’t be called totally simple, but it includes a number of useful buttons that will be appreciated by more experienced users.

Anyway, if you don’t like it – use customization features to select what you want to see among the main tools. Keep in mind that tabs can be also replaced by dragging to the new place. What is quite convenient for sure.

A great feature is being able to view 2 different website pages at once and altering the text size. Also you can modify the encoding language if you have some troubles with it. Also this Avant supports mouse gestures for quick navigation. But most of the features Avant Browser offers are the same as in its competitors: it supports download manager, bookmarks, RSS, autofill, Google-based translation, ad blocking and so on.

Avant Browser also offers private session mode by deleting history searches when closing the window, so you can use it for secure browsing. You may protect the autofill with your password and customize the browser for removing typed addresses, recently visited pages, temporary files, search engine words and so on. It may be a great option for people who really need that for a couple of reasons.

All these benefits you can get along with fast load time, minimal memory usage and in a nice interface with lots of customizable features – Avant Browser is a nice thing to try!

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