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Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:17.7 MB
Under this name is produced a utility that is useful for video editing. Any user can make installation of this program and make easy video conversion. Using a variety of codecs, program can work with large number of types for video files. Editor also works great with different codecs. Avidemux has many useful functions and services that help in search some details among audio and video. These tools and filters help to achieve the most quality playback of the result of their work. Processes of video processing can be automated with help of tools of projects' organization, queues, and scripting capabilities.Key features of Avidemux:
  • Ability of nonlinear video editing.
  • Visual effects (filters).
  • Conversion of video to different formats.
  • Ability to import/export audio streams into the video.
  • Simple and clear user interface.
  • Built-in tools for the work with subtitles.
  • Ability to work with the command line.

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