Cheat Engine

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Author:Cheat Engine
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:8.1 MB
Cheat Engine - a free open-source software, which works as a scanner of memory, debugger and HEX-editor. The users who want to simplify or to complicate the passage of computer games can use the program. Cheat Engine allows users to search a variety of settings, using a variety of tools for scanning of the computer processes. Users can make changes to the gameplay to obtain benefits such as god mode, infinite ammo, money, etc. The program also uses the tools of Direct3D, which allows you to see through walls and create sighting bots. Key features of Cheat Engine:
  • The scanner of the memory, debugger and Hex-editor with open code
  • A wide range of options for scanning gameplay
  • Making changes to the processes using the implementation of the code
  • Ability to obtain benefits such as god mode, infinite ammo and money
  • Direct3D tools for looking through walls and creating sighting bots
  • Ability to create trainers who work separately from the main program
  • A complete guide for new users.

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