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Last Update:2015-08-28
Size:2.8 MB

If you are an experienced gamer, you should know how valuable is to find software that can store cheats and special codes for games, because sometimes it’s a matter of your whole week to complete the level or to get more from the games.

For those who can value that and keep it a secret we offer CheMax. CheMax 9.3 offers you cheats for 5549 different games! And it’s not a joke, since now your computer gaming will be able to get to the next level, with better opportunities, greater results and clear advantage in comparison to your competitors.

The program features a searchable database of cheat and level codes, as well as so-called Easter eggs for the most played games all over the world. You may be wondering, how all this data got to the CheMax developers? It’s all thank to ChEaTs software. Cheats were updated, sorted and included on the latest CheMax version.

How to use it? The answer is simple: there are two ways you can search the cheats in the database. First you can browse the alphabetic list of cheats and then either enter the title of the game or the version in the field situated on the left. The cheats found for this game version will be found and shown on the upper right.

After that you can save the cheats you have found in a text format or print them to make it even more convenient. If you are an English-speaker – then the latest version available is 9.3. There is version 10.1 though, but it is available in Russian only. You can try using Google Translate or so if you really need recently published cheats.

Try CheMax and do your best when playing best computer games! Make others envy.

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