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Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:87.3 MB
Chromium is a neat-looking, lightweight open-source browser that offers great browsing experience you’ve never had before without any useless features you won’t every need. This browser is able to win the loyalty of other popular Internet surfing assistants! In fact Chromium is the application that is used as the basis for Google Chrome. Google staff managed to improve this software adding some new options and features. Is looks kind of “lighter” than original Chrome, but offers the same level of performance and the same great functionality as almost any other tool developed by Google. Frankly speaking the browser interface looks quite minimalistic. There are a few buttons, a bit unusual search field and clear design. It is extremely easy to import all necessary data from such a popular browser like Firefox, without losing anything you consider valuable. It’s of great use that the search box is combined with the address bar, just like in Chrome, making you work much quicker and more effective. Talking about Chromium, it is a bit faster than Chrome, especially in the way it handles Web pages. Of course, it’s not a piece of cake to switch to some other browser, when you already got used to yours, but this one is able to offer you intuitive interface, quick search and all you bookmarks saved. It is free, and all you need is to download a compressed file and open it, you don’t even need to install it! What can be better?

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