Comodo AntiVirus

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Author:Comodo Inc
Last Update:2015-02-26
Size:215.6 MB

Under this name, we have a program, which provides you protection from any virus free. Utility works to cancel the access to viruses, worms and Trojans. If user wants to make scanning, program offers him this opportunity. You can do it by demand. In addition is available control of all running processes, you can see even what relationships have these processes! Program prevents of infection, checks incoming and outgoing web letters. You have access to constant monitoring of RAM. Program in the end can block the web worms. All these services gives perfect result and offer high level of security to your device. There is in Comodo AntiVirus automatic update antivirus databases and advanced heuristic analysis. Also is included in this antivirus a system that helps to prevent the launch of unknown binaries, the function of checking the signatures of trusted applications and the ability to check quickly the system for viruses, by which are not checked the files in the list of safe programs. So for user it will be much easier to work in asafe mode. Main features of Comodo AntiVirus:

  • Heuristic analysis.
  • Proactive protection.
  • Buffer Overfilling Protection.
  • Built-in scheduler of scans.
  • Daily, automatic updates of virus databases.
  • Isolation of suspicious files in quarantine for infection prevention.
  • Detection, blocking and removal of viruses from desktops and networks.

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