Comodo Dragon

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Author:Comodo Inc
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:48.9 MB
COMODO Dragon – is a nice working Web browser that offers improved security, privacy, and stability. The code of this browser is based on popular Chromium, it is easy in use and totally free. It's available both as a separate browser and as a part of COMODO 's antivirus pack. It comparison to Chrome user data security is its key feature. Besides, COMODO Dragon offers some handy extensions and shares most of convenient features with Chrome.There are lots of pluses of using COMODO Dragon browser. Here are some of them:
  • Quick browser setup and customizable settings – all that makes installation process quick and easy. In addition, the browser version can be copied to your portable tool to be run on any computer;
  • Support of COMODO Secure DNS server;
  • Simple familiar interface that will make your work easier;
  • Multiple pages in multiple tabs browsing – quick and convenient page view;
  • Bookmarks import from your old browser – for you to save all necessary information;
  • Possibility to log in with your Google account to synchronize data from all your devices;
  • Possibility to set your master password in order to get access to other passwords saved within COMODO;
  • Sandbox control – for you to control the applications and websites you trust and don’t trust;
  • Useful extenstions – website analysis of malware activity using Web Inspector;
  • Drag-and-Drop service to work with you files sent to people on the Internet;
  • This browser doesn’t influence computer performance and loads pages quickly without errors and crashing elements.
A perfect choice for those who are looking for a better web security featured browser. It uses the same core as Chrome does, thus it is compatible with most of Google extras, like plugins, themes and extensions. So, the bottom line is that it’s a viable solutions and a great alternative to Google Chrome, if you really care about suspicious traffic and want to protect your computer.

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