COMODO Internet Security

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Author:Comodo Inc
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:214 MB

Under this name, we have a program, which can be yours free. A package protect your computer from viruses, Trojans, and other malicious software in comprehensive way. In addition, you will have no hacker's attacks. Program is ok for new users; it does not increase the pressure on PC in any way. The program gives you safe surfing in Internet. Nobody can view your computer using scanning on base of cloud. At least fast . So you are not just saved, you can work faster, because no virus will stop performance of the PC. Such a program has something inside. Let us see, it is:

  1. Protection from viruses and trojans;
  2. Personal protection from Internet attacks;
  3. Protection module that prevent Intrusion of host-level.

The main characteristics of Comodo Internet Security:

  • Utility can block the installation of everything bad what comes with surfing on web sites and downloading some "not clear" files.
  • Locks the port scanning, intrusion attempts, Hacker.
  • It does not let critic system files be modificated by themselves or by some viruses that comes on computer without your wish.
  • Built-in tasks' planner allows executing scheduled scanning.
  • Isolates suspicious files in quarantine.
  • Program offer you updates of virus databases automatically and every day.
  • Free to use. No fees or donations.

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