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Author:Maple Studio
Last Update:2015-08-28
Size:1.1 MB

CoolNovo – is a formerly knows ChromePlus (a famous Google Chrome browser version with increased performance and add-ons). CoolNovo – is a freeware with all famous Chrome features we are used to. Its “Novo” additions include mouse gestures, super drag function and built-in Dowload manager. In addition you can find there enhanced bookmarks aimed at making your Internet surfing as convenient as possible.


With CoolNovo be sure you always have the recent version on your computer. You can import all your bookmarks and favorites from other browsers, so your “transfer” to CoolNovo will be completely unnoticed.
You don’t have to remove Chrome and its components – these two version can perfectly co-exist.

CoolNovo simple installation process is supported with a starting guide that will show you special features and benefits you get by using CoolNovo.

Some of them are really great and can’t be offered by other browsers: for example, switching to Internet Explorer mode (to access pages Chrome doesn’t support) or saving the configuration data in the cloud to synchronize browser performance with other computers.

Use the Options section of CoolNovo to configure tabs, customize mouse gestures, downloads details or privacy data.

Perhaps one of the most important parameter for any browser – is the page loading speed. In this regard CoolNovo performs very good. And, of course, it supports legendary Chrome incognito mode, what makes it really outstanding.

To sum up, CoolNovo is a very nice alternative to Google Chrome that is able to make your Internet surfing convenient and effective with lots of customizable tools and buttons, so it’s worth trying, especially if you are a Google Chrome supporter.

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