DAEMON Tools Lite

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Version:Trial (20 days)
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:12 МБ
DAEMON Tools Lite is a light version of the well-known powerful Pro software, but it still allows you to add up to four virtual drives to your PC. You are also able to create basic disk images and compress them to keep your information accessible without taking up a ton of space on your hard disc. If you use many CDs or DVDs to keep your data, with DAEMON Tools you can easily make backups of the discs, transforming them into image files like ISO, NRG, CCD, CDI, MDS, and BWT formats. DAEMON Tools allows you to mount these files without having the discs present in your computer, creating virtual devices that can emulate the presence of CD/DVD players.

DAEMON Tools features:

  • You can mount to your virtual drive disc image formats like .mdx, .mds/.mdf, .iso, .b5t, .b6t, .bwt, .ccd, .cdi, .bin/.cue, .ape/.cue, .flac/.cue, .nrg, .isz.
  • You can create .iso, .mds/.mdf and .mdx images of CD, DVD, Blu-ray discs.
  • Image compression and management.
  • You can create and customize up to 4 virtual devices and mount several images simultaneously.
  • Simple and intuitive navigation.
  • Keep track of the disc image usage statistic.
  • Browsing for most relevant gameplay videos and much more.

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