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Author:Piriform Ltd
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:3.2 MB
Defraggler - is a simple program to defragment hard drives. Defraggler is easy to use, has a small size and does not require installation. Unlike standard, built-in utility, Defraggler allows to make defragmentation procedure faster and better, because optionally defragment as the entire disk, so just separate files and folders of it. After running and analyzing of the contents of the disk, Defraggler shows the list of all the fragmented files. You can choose them to see their location on disk. In the process of defragmentation you can observe the movement of data across the disk - in yellow stand sectors from which data is read, the green - where recorded. At the end of the work, Defraggler issue a corresponding message. If while this procedure some files were not defragmented - this will also be announced. Important to know that this program is donationware. It offer and give software in full package and without limits. However, it might request some donation, which goes to programmer or some non-profit organization. Donation is optional of course.The main characteristics of Defraggler:
  • Can work as with a whole disk, so with individual files.
  • Compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.
  • Defragmentation of your disks in system NTFS and FAT32.
  • Search function.
  • Calculation of free space when moving files of large size.

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