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Version:8.0 Build 915
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:43.6 MB
This a free driver for everybody without dependence on what person does. Utility is good for installation of a virtual printing some PDF files. With it, you can create files in PDF format easily and quickly. At the same time doPDF program has sufficient number of options that allows you to change the resolution, page size and orientation of page of output documents. To convert some file to PDF format, open a document, choose "Print" and then select the printer doPDF. Than you need to choose the place on computer, where the PDF file will be saved and when it finishes the conversion, you could see what consists inside the new file in required format in your standard program for watching this kind of files. Main features of doPDF:
  • For running this program computer needs to have 64-bit operating system.
  • No need for additional software for creation files in required format.
  • Choose resolution of the file by yourself. There is available wide range of resolutions.
  • Installed/customized page size. Choose an installed or choose page size by yourself.
  • User has a power to look for some text in the created PDF file.
  • Multilingual user interface. Select the language of the user interface from the 20 languages that are currently supported (there are Russian and Ukrainian).

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