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Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:1.4 MB
DOSBox - PC emulator, that creates a DOS-environment, which is required to run the old games for MS-DOS, which does not run on modern computers. It can be used to run other software for DOS, but this opportunity works with restrictions. Performance of the emulated system depends from computer and settings, which are specified in the configuration file, or entered by the user in interactive mode. Currently DOSBox easily emulates all video modes up to 256-color SVGA (including non-standard), sound cards Sound Blaster Pro, Gravis Ultrasound, Adlib, PC Speaker, Tandy, Disney Sound Source and MPU-401 (General MIDI), modem, CD-drive, EMS / XMS-memory, and allows by itself to set the speed of the virtual processor and the size of the operated memory devise.Main features of DOSBox:
  • DOSBox emulates the operating environment MS-DOS, interrupt vectors of Bios and the iron of IBM PC.
  • Does not require any x86-processor, no copy of the original MS-DOS.
  • Dynamic core of processor: on systems, with have a set of commands i386, is used dynamic translation of the instructions.
  • On systems that are not compatible with x86, is processing full emulation.
  • Emulation of the file system allows you to connect the host system folder as HDD of guest system, which is not available in any other emulator PC.
  • Graphic emulation: text mode, Hercules, CGA (including composite and 160×100×16 modes), EGA, VGA (including X Mode), VESA and full emulation S3 Trio 64.
  • Sound emulation: Adlib, PC speaker, Tandy, Sound Blaster, Creative CMS / Game Blaster, Disney Soundsource, Gravis Ultrasound and MPU-401.
  • Network Emulation (allows you to play online multiplayer games): modem emulation via TCP/IP, network-tunneling IPX.
  • Supports direct serial port.

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