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Author:eMule Project
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:6.7 MB
eMule - the most popular and most reliable free program for sharing files in a network eDonkey. Was developed as a replacement for possessive client eDonkey2000. eMule is based on the popular network eDonkey, but offers more features than the original client. Thankful to this eMule has become so popular that almost completely replaced all.Main characteristics eMule:
  • Clients use several networks to create one reliable network (ED2K, Source Exchange, Kad)
  • line system and credit system helps to ensure that everyone will get the desired files faster if person will give the same file to other users eMule
  • EMule – is free program and it does not contain any spyware or publishing adds
  • Each file is checked for errors by downloading to make sure that it was downloaded correctly
  • Automatic settings and Source Manager allow downloading several files at the same time without having to control the program
  • Preview function allows you to watch not downloaded films and look in the archives before they are downloaded to the end. To preview the video we recommend the program Video Lan Client (VLC)
  • The eMule has web services and a webserver that allows you to manage client on the Internet or mobile phone
  • There is a possibility to send messages to other clients and add them to friend list. You will always see when your friends are online
  • In the eMule is integrated IRC-client. You can communicate with other people all over the planet.

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