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Author:ePSXe Team
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:516 KB
ePSXe - free Sony PlayStation emulator for running the disk PS1 (or images) on a PC That runs the operating system Windows. A large number of functions and settings, as well as user-friendly interface makes ePSXe best among other emulators of that class. On ePSXe have excellent start and run almost all discs for PlayStation, and for games that are executed with errors, there are special patches that improve compatibility or help to solve certain problems. ePSXe can run the game from the CD or from a variety of images that are on your hard disk. With some exceptions, the program can flawlessly run many games for PlayStation; important role play plugins and their settings. Video characteristics: Most plug-ins for GPU emulating can work with Direct3D, OpenGL, or the Glide and be distributed under licenses freeware or open source. Audio characteristics: Plugins of the audio processor emulation can play different sounds and music. CD-ROM characteristics: ePSXe has initial support for an optical drive, but there are alternative plugins for emulation of different types of reading discs. Manipulators: In most cases, there is enough existing ePSXe opportunities; third-party plug-ins allow you to use non-standard manipulators, such as the DualShock with USB-adapter. Key features of ePSXe:
  • Run Sony PlayStation discs in Windows.
  • Possibilities of using disk images of PlayStation.
  • Plugins support, including for various video and audio cards.
  • Can operate in either DirectX, so in OpenGL mode.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.

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