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Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:8.7 MB
Eraser is a popular secure file deletion utility for Windows that is absolutely free, comes with a great GUI and is extremely powerful in the field of complete file removing from your computer. Simple and even somewhat ascetic interface, but great functionality and necessary features only. Select the files you don’t need anymore and add them to the Eraser box using drag-and-drop tool. The program safely removes all the personal data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times according to special pattern. The methods used include those used by the US Department of Defense, anyway you can offer your own. The software can completely delete your files on a set schedule, so be careful: just one step and you won’t be able to recover your information. But if you really need this option – here it is. In addition Eraser takes care of your recycle bin, you can set custom options for that too. Eraser integrates with the Windows file context menu, so there is nothing easier than to get to Eraser submenu: just right-click the specific file or folder you need. You have an option to delete your data now or to wait until computer reboot. It’s a great thing that covers a small drawback of this program (the lack of the ‘delete’ button or at least icon, so that users have to dig a lot through the menu to actually wipe their files). But as we have already mentioned – its integration with the Windows file context menu makes it easy to clean what you need to clean. Eraser is able to wipe about 1GB file in 10 minutes – it’s a great deal, taking into consideration complicated deleting methods used. In general, if you regularly need to clean your information – Eraser is what you’ve been looking for.

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