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Author:Peter Pawlowski
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:3.6 MB
foobar2000 - Audio player, with extensive functions for users, good and convinien interface for every person and low system requirements. This program offers to each person that like more to hear the best sound quality and promise to work and perform any audio formats that are more popular. The installation of the player can be made in two modes - normal and portable. There is available iInstallation of additional components, which empower capabilities of foobar2000 - for supporting some additional formats, for working with archives and so on. In addition, the total reconfiguration of hot keys for controlling the foobar2000. foobar2000 uses little memory and handles very good voluminous playlists. The program uses a new format for the playlist (m3u8) and supports reading the tags of the MP3files.Main features of foobar2000:
  • Supported large list of audio formats.
  • Soft way to play the sounds.
  • Will be read every file that consists Unicode.
  • Interface is good as for beginner, so for advanceduser.
  • Special conditions of work with tags APEv2.
  • Convert and ripping of big list of CD discks' sound formats.
  • Support for function ReplayGain.
  • Customizable hot keys.
  • Open architecture with the ability to extend the functionality with help of other programmers or users.
  • Accessible from the Help menu online diagnostics.

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