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Last Update:2015-02-26
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It’s not a secret that working with your email service is much more convenient using an email client. People all over the world tend to use Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, The Bat!, and IBM Notes for this purpose. But there are some other great clients that haven’t gain this popularity yet, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t able to impress you. Let’s take a look at Foxmail. This email client was developed in China, so if you are sure you won’t need Chinese as installation language, look for the word “English” in the menu bar. The next step, what is quite logical, is setting up your account. It won’t take a lot of time, so you are signed in. The first thing you see is clear program interface that features three main vertical panels for you to have an access to your emails, folders and marked messages. Good news is that Foxmail offers you an opportunity to work with several accounts at once, you will be notified every time you get a new mail to any of your mailboxes. Foxmail includes great calendar you can make so much use of. The program supports Outlook messages and mailbox encryption, it can work with filters and features all necessary tools to make your work with mails easier. With Foxmail you can send meeting invitations specifying all necessary details and placing it on your Mac’s calendar. The program features very good search that will let you specify your keyword (whether you are looking in the subject, recipient, sender, or message). In general the program is worth trying, even taking into consideration that Help section is primarily in Chinese, but you aren’t likely to use that ever.

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