Game Maker

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Author:YoYo Games
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:9.4 MB
If you’re thinking of starting to work in the field of game development, this software may be of use to you. If you need something to work good and to be available at a reasonable price – then GameMaker is a thing you should try! GameMaker is a unique project used mostly for implementing game ideas and launch some commercial projects. This game developing tool is quite popular among both amateur and skilled developers. The major advantages of this software are:
  • Quick and easy development of fully playable complete game projects - this feature becomes of great importance as your deadlines come up;
  • Saving time and money - as it can easily replace framework development;
  • Flexibility – you can create any type of the game you can only think of, be it arcades, shooters, visual novels or any other type you like;
  • High performance – it has great functionality for almost all 2D projects, it’s more than enough for most of developers;
  • Low price – this software is significantly cheaper than most of its analogues – so it is definitely worth a try;
  • Intuitive interface – GameMaker is quite easy to get into, syntax rules are simple; documentation is written very understandable, besides, there are lots of tutorials available online;
  • Multi-platform support – it means, the software is getting more and more popular, and tends to become universal;
  • GameMaker is no doubt worth recommendation if you have just started your way in game development. It’s fast and plain, and quite easy to use. You don’t need lots of money to invest in it – the price is moderate, we’d say even low (if taking into account its functionality and options offered).
  • Maybe so far it’s not that powerful to launch a commercial project based on it – there are certain quirks you have to pay your attention to, so you have to take that into consideration.
  • Nevertheless GameMaker is a great tool with much promise, so it can be a good choice to start with.

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