Google Talk

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Last Update:2014-12-08
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Now, instead of Google Talk is Hangouts. This new app from Google, which allows you to chat with from Google+ friends. Google Talk - software for quick messaging, developed by Google. Google Talk lets you to communicate by voice chat and text messaging. Feature of this program is the integration with mail service Gmail (reports about incoming emails, sync contacts, etc.). Google Talk uses the XMPP protocol, which provides messaging and presence information, including the transfer of messages in a disconnected mode. Using XMPP protocol allows users Google Talk to chat with users of other Jabber-server. Main features of Google Talk:

  • Exchange with messages in real time mode
  • Information about the location and activities of your friends (updated status)
  • Quick sending and receiving of files, pictures, etc.
  • Calls (voice messages in real time mode) between computers
  • Voice communication with multiple users at the same time (audio conference)
  • Transmission of messages in the non-connected mode
  • Integration with Gmail: socializing with friends in Gmail
  • Notification of emails came
  • Access to archive of instant messages from the mailbox

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