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Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:1.6 MB
GPU-Z - a compact freeware program for retrieve and display all sorts of data about the graphic card of the computer. All information, necessary for understanding of the capabilities and characteristics of the video card, is provided in a compact and understandable form. GPU-Z supports graphics card NVIDIA, Intel and ATI. Among the data that can be viewed in the GPU-Z, we can mention one model of the video card, connection interface, the type of graphics processor, video card temperature, rotation speed of the cooler, etc. Also GPU-Z has a function "certification" of graphic card, which may serve as confirmation of achieving record frequencies graphic processor by overclocking. Main features of GPU-Z:
  • Identification of video card model.
  • Identify the name and frequency of GPU, the crystal area, the number of transistors.
  • Identification of support for DirectX and Pixel Shader.
  • Determination the type, frequency, and amount of memory. Memory bandwidth.
  • Displays of information about the type of tires and its width.
  • Providing the information about the frequency.
  • Determination of the version of the driver and BIOS.
  • Displays information from sensors of frequency core GPU, memory frequency, temperature and fan speed of graphic card.

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