HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

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Last Update:2015-02-26
Size:0.09 MB
Nowadays there are lots of solutions for every single computer issue you may face, regardless of the problem type (software or hardware-related). You can find software that will meet even most specific needs, some of programs offer lots of functions that increase the performance of your PC and make it easier for to work with it. HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool is one of the utilities developed especially for HP Drive Key or DiskOnKey USB devices. It is developed for formatting. HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool is extremely easy to deploy and install, it is very compact, but effective. The interface is simple and clean, so you won’t have any trouble using it. What you need to do at the very beginning is to specify the device you want to format. After than select the file system and give the volume a name. Then you can choose quick format or use compression. With the help of HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool you can even create a DOS start-up disk! The software is portable and free, so you can just have it handy on your flash drive and install it anytime. The most outstanding benefit that is revealed when comparing HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool to the Windows formatting tool is that is allows users selecting USB drives, and Windows version doesn’t. Also you can format a NTFS volume label, as well as FAT32 volume (larger than 32 GB). Also users can easily rename their USB drives any way they want, and sometimes it is also very important. Besides, HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool will delete unnecessary files you can’t remove just by pushing the “Delete” button. With its help you can create bootable USB drives and clean your drive from malicious software. HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool is just good to have at hand, as you might need it anytime.

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