Ibex 35 Widget

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Last Update:2016-01-25
Ibex 35 Widget is a small Yahoo Widget Engine utility that brings you the latest updates and evolution of the Spanish stock market index, better known as Ibex 35, which brings together the 35 most important Spanish companies. The graph can show all the information from the current day, as well as from the past: a month, six months, two years, five years, and total (from June 1990). You can also check out the day's maximum (in red on the top part), the minimum (in blue on the bottom), and the average (the line that crosses the entire graph). The X axis displays the time of the day, and the Y axis displays the value. On the top part of the widget you can find the time in which the latest information update took place. You can also set how often the graph is updated in the settings menu.

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