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Author: Ivan Zahariev
Last Update:2015-02-26
Size:5.8 MB
If you are searching for high performance software to compress files and support the most popular archive formats – pay attention to IZArc program, aimed at dealing with files and archives. What are the most important features for this type of software products? Great effectiveness and simple interface! If you agree with this point of view – then IZArc is exactly what you need. The interface is modern and crystal clear. It will be appreciated by users regardless of their computer skills and experience. The list of supported formats is, great without exaggerating, the most commonly used are: 7-ZIP, CAB, JAR, ACE, ARJ LHA, PK3, RAR, RPM, TAR and TZ. Among most outstanding pros of IZArc we can name wide configuration options, like setting types of compressed files for the program to do that automatically next time, converting from one archive format to another, archived files encryption and decryption, as well as preferable level of compression. Also IZArc features drag-and-drop function that makes the process of working with this program easy and intuitive. There are multivolume creators, UnSFX creation, well-developed file search and many other great things. The software can perfectly integrate into your ordinary Windows context menu, so you aren’t likely to have any questions of how to extract files from archives right away. Packages in less common formats can easily be transformed into familiar ZIP format or any other you wish. IZArc has proved good work with large archives too. It doesn’t slow down the system too much, of course if you don’t perform the extraction of 5 archives 100 Mb each at once. In general, if you were looking for something simple and effective – think about IZArc, because it’s a proved tool you can use to manage archives and pack your files. Take a few minutes to install it and enjoy!

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