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Author:COWON System, Inc
Last Update:2015-02-26
Size:37.12 MB
JetAudio – is free multi-processor for viewing and editing video and audio. Program combines a few items - mixer with 20-band equalizer, digital signal processor, digital music player and in and it serves as the audio, MIDI-, video and CD-player. The program supports all video and audio formats. With this utility user can not only listen and watch media files, and sound effects. Utility can capture audio CDs and save them to your hard drive. A lot of possibilities of digitizing audio CDs: not only in Mp3, but in modern lossless-format flas and ape. Besides all these things, program gives you the power to make from audio - video and from video – audio format of the file. Main features of JetAudio:
  • JetAudio provides a full range of options of work with playlists.
  • Support for skins for customizing the visualization.
  • With help of utility user can play and manage subtitles.
  • Supports wide circle of formats.
  • video capture of each frame (print screen from movie). Ability to print information from the compact disc.
  • Support for streaming media. Internet radio playback.
  • Ability to synchronize files for karaoke function.
  • User can control and change the speed of playing. Set the repeats ss you want.
  • Built-in plugins for visualization.
  • Editor of tags in MP3, OGG, and WMA formats.
  • Convert of audio.
  • Convert of video.
  • User can save any sound. In addition, program records Audio-CD. CD Ripping is available too.

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