Joy to Key

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Author:Ryo Ohkubo
Last Update:2015-02-26
Size:797 KB

Do you find joystick navigation when playing games extremely convenient and just great? Have you ever thought that a keyboard and a mouse you are so much used to aren’t that necessary and can be replaced with your favorite joystick, performing all the functions you need at the same time? You can have your doubts, thinking that joystick is used for gaming only – but at this point you are wrong, joystick – is a great PC controller if you have JoyToKey installed! If you enjoy computer games - you must try JoyToKey that will help you work with your programs using super convenient windows joystick! It doesn’t matter, if you play web games, surf on the Internet via your favorite browser or typing or document – JoyToKey will help to turn your working routine into a real-time game. Actually the software doesn’t require installation, the only thing you should do is to connect your joystick. Otherwise JoyToKey just wouldn’t work. The software supports more than a dozen of joysticks, but you are not likely to need that anyway. Press joystick buttons and the program will emulate keyboard strokes or mouse clicks, as if you really used ordinary keyboard and mouse. In JoyToKey you can create different configuration files to navigate between a number of keyboard or mouse assignments and load them in no time. To perform this task you simply need to press the button you assigned for switching to the other configuration file. A great thing about it is that there is a built-in automatic association – when you change the application, the configuration file also changes and this process is automatic. A configuration has 32 buttons, 6 axes and 6 Points of View (POV) for every single joystick. By the way, JoyToKey supports both mouse buttons and its wheel. You can also customize the speed of wheel rotation, if you need to. JoyToKey offers brand new experience as far as new PC controlling devices are concerned. Live and work playing!

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