Kaspersky Rescue Disk

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Last Update:2015-02-26
Size:323 MB
It happened with everyone at least once: you suddenly end up with your PC attacked by viruses and it can’t be helped, the only way out is to remove your operation system and install it once again. But what if you have important information there? Kaspersky Rescue disk can bring some hope if you faced with the above mentioned situation. Kaspersky Rescue Disk is a great tool for virus removal in really critical situations. Kaspersky Rescue disk software was designed in order to solve complicated problems, when regular antivirus software isn’t able to detect and remove system infections. It’s exactly what you were looking for – Kaspersky Rescue disk can be used right away if you purchased original Kaspersky Antivirus version, or Internet Security product from Kaspersky laboratory. If you don’t use this antivirus software on a permanent basis – you can still run Rescue Disk burning it on a CD or moving it to the bootable USB device. The process of launching Kaspersky Rescue disk looks the following way: set your operation system to boot from your disk or USB device, then connect or insert it and restart your computer. Then press either F10 or F12 to see the selection screen for boot devices. Select the item containing Rescue disk, wait for a while and you appear in front of Kaspersky Rescue Disk interface. next step includes selecting the objects Kaspersky should scan and process, you can choose among disk boot sectors, hidden objects or hard drives. After that just push the “Scan” button. When scanning is complete you will get a detailed report about all malicious objects that were found in your operation system, for example viruses and Trojans, adware and other not trusted software types. It’s up to you to decide what to do with infected files: they can be sent to quarantine, disinfected, or removed. The Settings menu is very convenient, you can select the security level, file types, enable scan optimization option and so on. Kaspersky Rescue disk receives updates regularly, so you are sure to get the most comprehensive version.

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