Language identifier

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Last Update:2016-01-26
For sure that any time you haven’t recognised the language of a document. We don’t talk about understanding it, we talk about recognising it, which is the first step, because if you don’t know the language, you can’t even look for a translator. The first problem is solved thanks to anguage Identifier. As its name says, it indentifies the language of the text, so after knowing the language you only have to drag&drop it to a Automatic translator and select the origin language and the result language and you will have your text translated. The process is easy, you only have to paste the text into the textbox and Language identifier will detect the language automatically. Not only is the language identifier able to identify which language it is analyzing, it is also capable of identifying the character encoding. This is important because of the wide variety of character encodings that are currently in use.

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