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Author:Ventis Media
Last Update:2015-02-26
Size:14.5 MB
MediaMonkey is a marvelous tool for music management for people who are responsible both about their music and their software. This software pack offers you lots of customs settings that can meet almost any preferences. MediaMonkey is able to work with thousands of tracks, organizing your music library and other media content, such as videos, podcasts and so on. In addition MediaMonkey is what you need for parties and other events – use 100% of its party mode! You can share your library on DLNA, it is compatible with many audio and video formats, such as MP3, WMA, M4A and M4P. Just imagine – MediaMonkey has impressive reviews and tons of positive feedback from users. Enjoy your favorite musicians and their tracks with this software with simple and convenient layout and customizable interface. Use all the advantages it offers: try its built-in radio and many other useful features and make your reasonable choice. During the installation the program will require clicking some buttons in pop-up windows (including administrator permission and so on). Collect favorite tunes not only on your desktop, but connect any drives and store your media there. There is another nice bonus for users – custom skins and other tweaks you can appreciate. MediaMonkey will help you keep all your date intact and not to lose anything important when you copy your files to other apps. That is why this software is a great choice if you want to keep your file names and other tags safe and secure. Even more – this program can help you find tag information when you don’t have it for some files. Filter your music by genre and delete duplicates easily. Adjust the track volume automatically – if one song is too quiet and another one is too loud, they both will play at the same level automatically once set them manually. Sleep function allows to play music even when your computer goes to the sleep mode. Try these and other functions of MediaMonkey now!

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