Microsoft .NET Framework

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Version:4.5.2 Final
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:1.1 MB

Under this name was produced a library of plug-ins for running and full functioning of the programs written in the standard «.NET». This utility helps to different applications of different developers run in an order way. This is needed to have access to database, to use services of Internet or to use instruments of communication via your computer. In addition, if programs that help to run all these services do not work with Windows, you need .NET Framework. It will help to run almost all what does not go with Windows, but need to. Programming framework is useful utility for developing your applications. It makes apps easy to use. It already has a brunch of codes. Therefore, you do not need to write them, just to call. Also on what user must pay attention – is space. As every program, this framework has some weight. That is why on your computer must me about 2 GB free to install it. Integration of data in user-friendly form with help of such a library allows you to get on all versions of Windows, starting from Windows 98, a single principle of information processing. The third .Net Framework provides some services of Windows Corporation. There are: Presentation; Communication (platform for Internet); Workflow and CardSpace. All foundations work on base of Windows.

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