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Author:Participatory Culture Foundation
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:45.8 MB
Miro is an open-source video and audio player that manages your media, supports iTunes libraries and synchronization with Android devices. In addition Miro software has excellent intuitive interface – that is why it is so pleasant to work with it. Miro is able to work with your music library of any type – you can switch to it from your iTunes and keep your media files with no need to copy them. All you need to select the folders with your files – and they appear in Miro. This application is a great solution to keep your mobile phone synchronized with your desktop computer when it comes to media files. It is just great for managing libraries of Android phones and tabs. Miro offers you an opportunity to use the Amazon MP3 store (which is built-in) to buy music you would like to. Miro can be your all-in-one solution, if you still have to keep separate programs for music downloading, music and video playing and synchronization with your mobile phone. Miro support tons of formats and provides you with lots of great options (like video converting) that will make your work with media simple and pleasant. If you meet your friends you can use this interesting feature: when two copies of Miro are in the same wifi network – they can connect to each other to transfer music and videos in no time. It has never been that easy to play music from your desktop computer on your laptop in the other room! Miro is fully free and open-source, it means you don’t have to stay within any limits set by major corporations in order to get what you need. In addition to its features this product is just a great way to enjoy your favorite music or play videos.

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