Mozilla Firefox

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Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:30.7 MB
Mozilla Firefox is free fast web browser that makes your browsing more comfortable than ever before. It is a fully-featured software that includes tabbed browsing, download manager, spell checker, live bookmarking, and search system that uses your favorite search engine. With Firefox you can add about 2,000 add-ons created by third party developers. This browser is loaded with features that allow you to customize and manage it the way you want. Here's a list of just some of the many new features that Firefox offers.

Mozilla Firefox Features:

  • Improved Browsing Tabs. You can open more than one web page in a single window with a saving feature. Open links in the background and they will be ready for viewing.
  • Search Suggestions. Start typing into the Search bar, and list of suggestions for you will appear. It works with all your favorite search engines.
  • Spell Checking. Firefox will always keep you from making any mistakes in your emails or blog posts with built-in spell checking.
  • Search Integration. Firefox will help you to find everything you need online. The Search bar works with all your favorite search engines like Google, Yahoo!,, eBay, Amazon and many more.
  • RSS/Web Feeds. Now you can have a full control over your Web feeds, preview and choose how you want to subscribe.
  • Blocking Pop-up windows. With Firefox you are in full control of the web pages you want to view, it blocks all annoying pop-up windows. The browser notifies you when pop-ups are blocked.
  • Automatic Updates. Automated update system always sees if you’re running the latest version of the browser, it notifies when some new update is available.
  • Phishing Protection. It gives you a new higher level of security. Firefox will protect you from identity theft and keep your financial information safe.

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