Mozilla Thunderbird

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Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:25.3 MB

Mozilla Thunderbird is a well-known free and open e-mail and news client created by Mozilla. This program can manage your multiple e-mail acounts, newsgroups and RSS subscriptions, as well as multiple identities support.

Mozilla Thunderbird is safe, fast and easy to use, it has lots of great features including quick message search, customizable views, RSS support and more. Allowing you to integrate multiple mailboxes with SMTP or POP protocols, Thunderbird is a lightweight, responsive piece of software that works well.

Thunderbird features:

  • Manages your messages. With Thunderbird you can manage multiple e-mail accounts, RSS and newsgroups, it supports multiple identities within your accounts.
  • Filters your junk. The program makes e-mailing safer, faster, and easier with such features as intelligent spam filters.
  • Supports standards. Thunderbird supports POP and IMAP protocols, as well as LDAP address completion.
  • Extensions. You are able to add features through the installation of modules.
  • Themes. You can customize your client with plenty of themes, changing it's look and feel.
  • Mozila Thunderbird supports up to 36 languages.
  • Security. This program provides a high level of security features SSL/TLS connections to IMAP and SMTP servers.

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