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Author:Martin Pesch
Last Update:2015-08-14

Have you ever tackled a problem of cutting and audio track? It’s like cutting a piece of delicious cake, definitely not more challenging – but if you have the right software installed. Mp3DirectCut  software enables you to do that quickly and easily, without fuss, and provides you with all necessary tools. In addition you can cut your videos into pieces, reattach them to each other and make creative videos and audios at home! 

The interface couldn’t be even more intuitive and friendly, even to people who rarely use such software. If you are looking for a product that will assist you in making a birthday congratulating video for your friend, or a romantic video postcard for your mate - mp3DirectCut is exactly what you need.

The tools you may need are arrayed in a very convenient way around the main window. You won’t have any trouble accessing the navigation, editing or audio tools. A nice bonus in compression option – your files can take significantly less space, if you use mp3DirectCut.

All you need is just to download it and you may start your project! The program is free and works smoothly, offering you main functions without overloading the interface with unnecessary stuff. mp3DirectCut supports most popular audio formats, such as MP3, MP2, MPA, MUS, AAC and CUE. 

Using the mouse you can select the start and the end of your track and then cut it. If you need – you can use exact time coordinates.

With the help of mp3DirectCut you can change the overall track volume, split or merge tracks, insert parts of one song to another one. In the main window there is a full playback control panel that will help you with the task. Save or export the final tracks – there is nothing easier. 

This software has great functionality without being overloaded with functions you use almost never. In addition, it helps to save space on your hard drive and its interface is intuitive and easy to work with even to people who have never tried something like that before. 

Why not trying?

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