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Last Update:2015-02-26
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MP3Gain is an absolutely must-have tool you will appreciate right away! Have you ever thought about some software that is able to detect too quiet and too loud music tracks and adjust their volume level automatically? MP3Gain is what you need! It is compatible with both MP3 and M3U files. The program is simple, but it works flawlessly! The interface is clear, straightforward and absolutely user-friendly – anyone will be able to work with it, regardless of their level of experience with computers and devices. Just imagine what a great task MP3Gain performs: it analyzes and adjusts your music files so that they have the same volume – and you can just enjoy your favorite music without being bothered or distracted! MP3Gain is more than just a normalizer you can find on the Internet. It’s not about simple peak normalization – but complete statistical analysis performed in order to determine how loud the track actually sounds to the human ear. Call it computer intellect or whatever, but I bet you’ll like it! A great benefit you’ll get – is totally preserved file quality, completely lossless work! It has become possible, because the program algorithm doesn’t imply decoding and re-encoding, the process many analogues use for the same goal. First of all, upload your MP3 or M3U files using the file browser. It is very simple. If you need to upload a folder – you can do it also to get it done quicker. Then it’s time for some magic! Push the “Track Analysis” button and let the program analyze the files to generate a special report about the track volume level. Make sure you note it – you might need the figure to revert the original volume level. Then all you need to do – is to push the “Track Gain” button. To optimize the volume of multiple tracks – use “Album Gain” instead. That’s it! Try MP3Gain and forget about changing the volume for every single track!

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