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Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:2.6 MB
Mp3Tag - a free personal organizer and in addition it helps you to make some changes in audio file tags. However, program has many useful additional features. With help of this utility, you can get the necessary tags and covers for your music library in automatic way. MP3tag also allows you to complete and to edit the playlists for some other players. One of the most important function of MP3tag is the automatic search of lyrics and image of albums. By hearing the sound, you will have the same quality like from Audio CD. In addition, program takes the duration of songs in seconds and sends the coded information to the server FreeDB, and it returns the field of tags. MP3tag handles the music files in both single and batch mode. Support for work with the wide list of file formats. Key features of MP3tag:
  • Write the tags and Vorbis Comments for several files at the same time.
  • After performance of program, you will have saved in computer typed of tags. Program took them from databases of Internet.
  • Support for regular expressions.
  • Rename files, being based on tags, import tags from filenames.
  • Formats tags and filenames.
  • Any file with Unicode will be ridden.
  • You can choose – to take off all tag or just part of the tag from the files package.
  • Choose format to which will go information about tags.
  • Saves the file number automatically.
  • Download song lyrics.
  • Choose how to save the text – in file or like private text.
  • Create any folder structure using the tags.
  • Each audio file go to its folders, which program create for sorting.
  • You wouldn't have unused tags.
  • Program knows technical information that have audio files.
  • Support Drag and Drop function - Drag & Drop.
  • Multilingual (there are Ukrainian and Russian).

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