Nero Free

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Author: Nero Inc.
Last Update:2015-02-26
Size:56 MB
When it comes to writing some information of CDs or DVDs it’s a good idea to use specially developed software that guarantees security and high performance. One of the most outstanding products in this field is Nero 9 Free. This very edition of popular Nero software product line offers a great deal: as you might have guessed from its name, it’s free of charge and offers many of special tools usually included in paid versions. What are the main advantages of Nero 9 Free and why should you choose it? First of all, the setup process is absolutely easy and the interface is surprisingly friendly and familiar to loyal Nero users. The only thing you should pay attention to during the installation process is an offer to install third-party software included in the package by default. The installation takes time, but we assure you it’s worth of the time spent! If you have some experience with Nero – you won’t be disappointed this time. The design is clean and attractive. All the main functions are easily available. The software you can trust. Actually the program functionality is just enough, because developers didn’t want to overload it with “heavy” stuff you never use. So Nero 9 Free offers fundamentals of data copying and burning. All you need is to select files you want to copy, adjust everything you wish like burning speed and CD/DVD name – and push the “Burn” button. Just like with previous Nero versions you can create disc images and copy files to other locations. The program works stable without errors, the overall time you need to burn a CD may vary depending on many factors, and sometimes it’s not about the software. The program offers exactly what we need for copying data and creating discs on the fly. Great design, stability and security – it’s all about Nero 9 Free.

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