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Last Update:2015-02-26
Size:2.9 MB
How many applications you get with Windows? Quite a number. How many of them do you actually use? Great if you use 60% of them, but most of users don’t use even a half. Some of basic applications doesn’t meet the requirements for effectiveness, some of them are just very specific. Such programs just exist on your hard drive, take its space and slow down the overall system performance. The bad news about that is that you can’t uninstall Windows components as you can do with apps that don’t come with Windows. But don’t worry, this problem can be solved. We are proud to present nLite software! nLite is developed for you to have totally customized Windows free of components you never use. It works like a wizard-app, you just remove applications you don’t use once and they won’t bother you anymore. For this procedure you might need an original Windows Installation CD. Choose the task you would like to perform, it doesn’t matter whether you choose to add drivers, update packs or anything else. After that set up the installation mode. To do that you should enter the username, product key and some other details. The most important thing – make sure you know what you are doing and that you are an experience computer user. Otherwise you may damage the system instead of customizing it. But the bootable ISO that is generated can be used by any users, regardless of their computer skills. When it comes to customized Windows OS – we recommend using nLite, because it offers a wide range of functions and shows great results. And again – make sure you know what you are doing or consult a specialist in this field.

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