Nokia PC Suite

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Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:101 MB
Nokia Suite - a software package for work from mobile phones Nokia. Is the successor of the toolbox Nokia PC Suite. Allows you to synchronize and edit (thru wireless connection or by cable) almost any available in the mobile phone data - contacts, ringtones, messages, music, pictures, and keep their copies on a PC. In addition, with the help of Nokia Suite, you can (using a supported mobile phone model) easily connect your computer to the Internet, and use the interactive services Ovi (for example, download music or maps).Main features of Nokia Suite:
  • Save dates on mobile phone by the online server Ovi.
  • Save dates on mobile phone and computer.
  • Transfer data with help of the IR port, Bluetooth, and via cable.
  • Backup copying of files from phone.
  • Ability to transfer to mobile phone images, music and video files.
  • You can make changes in phonebook.
  • Installation of different apps (for ex. Java and Symbian).
  • See and delete SMS and MMS.
  • Your phone can be as modem if you need Internet.
  • Software on the phone will be always updated.
  • Installation of maps.
  • Interface for users in many languages.

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