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Author:Opera Software
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:26.6 MB

Opera is a popular web browser with the new completely different look. It provides a full pack of features. The Opera browser is known for its performance, standards compliance and small size.

Opera debuted original browsing features that later became standardfor the most internet browsers, including tabbed browsing and built-in search. Opera continues being ahead of the curve with it's new integrated mail client, tab stacks and one-click bookmarking. The browser provides versatile multi-modal interaction. For example, it is possible to control virtually every aspect of the browser with a keyboard. It allows you to use voice commands to navigate the web and even have the browser read text to you. Opera also supports mouse gestures. These features make this web browser more accessible for a wider range of users.

Opera features:

  • The Discover feature will find interesting things happening on the web.
  • Opera browser has a powerful intuitive location for searching and navigating the web.
  • Off-Road mode enables you to browse blocked sites like Pirate bay.
  • Speed Dial will group your top-visited websites on a start page.
  • The Stash system will temporarily store your favourite webpages, capturing them with one easy click and organizing into a simple, sophisticated list.
  • With you can pause, resume or restart transferring of your files.
  • Opera allows you to load a webpages without images.

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