Outpost Firewall Free

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Author:Agnitum Ltd
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:16.6 MB

Outpost Firewall Free protects your computer against identity and data theft. Outpost Firewall Free is one of the security solutions that aims to provide and extra layer of protection to your PC by blocking untrusted data packets. In addition you will get advanced protection against illegal program activity that will help stymie unknown threats. All these features and the fact that this program doesn't eat up your system resources makes Outpost Firewall Free a must-have tool for your home PC.

This program allows you to you save different configurations - work identity and your personal identity, for example. You are able to block some programs or web sites by something as specific as time of day or day of the week, making it easier to enforce your self-imposed deadlines.

Outpost Firewall Free features:

  • It has a clean and professional interface.
  • Provides advanced features.
  • This program gives you very detailed reports.
  • Outpost provides you a stable protection from all hackers.
  • It has a bidirectional firewall.
  • Monitors your apps behaviour.
  • The software doesn't take a lot of system resources and activity.
  • 32 and 64-bit compatibility.

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