PC Tools Firewall Plus

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Author:PC Tools
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:9.8 MB

PC Tools Firewall Plus is a free powerful firewall program for Microsoft Windows that will protects your system from hackers and intruders. Firewall controls the incoming and outcoming network by monitoring apps that connect to the network. This software will stop Trojans, backdoors, and keyloggers from damaging your computer and stealing your identity.

PC Tools Firewall Plus is advanced technology created for basic users, not experts. Powerful prevention against attacks and known exploits is activated by default and advanced users can also easily create their own packet filtering rules to customize the network defenses. The program is recommended for use alongside of AntiSpyware and Antivirus software like AVG or Spyware Doctor to protect your computer against Spyware, hackers, worms, and viruses.

PC Tools Firewall Plus features:

  • It will protect your computer automatically while browsing, playing or working.
  • It delivers real-time system scan.
  • Automatic system activity control at sight after installation.
  • Network protocols, ports, and IP-addresses control settings.
  • TCP/IP configuration settings.
  • The program has an applications network activity control module that blocks or permits information transmitting or receiving into networks by different apps.
  • PC Tools Firewall Plus is free for 30 days.

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