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Version:1.6.49952 / 1.6.50878 Beta
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:18.3 MB

Potplayer – is a multimedia player. The same group of programmers, who created well-known KM Player, made it. Old one and this player has about exact functionality and you can find them by the same interface. So if you got used to work with more popular player and want to taste some other quality of sound, - new player will be useful for you. New player Pot is attractive thankful to tis very good quality playing, available for showing all modern formats of video and audio. These characteristics differ Pot from other players. Let us see thankful to what key features this player became more popular. Potplayer is useful for young persons at first. Because it has design, which is clear for modern people. However, at the same time it is easy to configure it, so older user will understand it also. Using it you can assign and change the hot keys, record the playing of the sound in the separated file, to connect the DSP plug-ins, to include visualization at the time of audio files playing, to change the skins (covers). The player has a large number of settings that can significantly improve the video quality. So it is useful as for beginner, who needs just something general, so for advanced user, who reqire for maximum from player. Main features of Pot Potplayer:

  • High quality of playback.
  • Support for all types of subtitling.
  • A built DXVA video codecs (H.264 / AVC, VC-1, MPEG2) is available.
  • Supports for all kind of modern video and audio formats.
  • Has skins, logos, color themes.

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