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Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:5.28 MB

RaidCall is a great solution for people who play games online and need to communicate with other players during the game. This program is perfect for and war games where you need to communicate with your friends in order to win the game or follow a strategy. Raidcall is free and very easy to use. The app works like a normal conference call, with two modes to choose from. The walkie-talkie mode works by pushing a button to communicate, while the other mode is simply an open conversation setting, allowing players to hear everything without interruption. RaidCall devotes high quality voice service to gamers, bringing completely a new experience for its unmatched functionality and powerful features, plus no need to rent any servers or set up your own server.

For transferring data RaidCall uses the Client-Server Model that takes up less bandwidth from user than the P2P Model used by software such as Skype. When you use this Client-Server model, RaidCall sends one stream of data to the it's server, then this server broadcasts it to other users in the same channel. The program requires very little bandwidth for voice communication and supports more than 1000 slots per channel.

RaidCall features:

  • Raidcall based on Cloud-computing. Client and server software are free for all non-commercial regular users.
  • Raidcall Overlay is a built-in engine which allows you to use Raidcall within any game freely.
  • Raidcall has completely different Authorization Schemes and Privacy Settings that allows you to assign different authority to different characters based on channels.
  • Raidcall based on the most powerful Speex audio-engine that delivers Hi-Fi quality voice chat from anywhere in the world.
  • Raidcall is very light. This program only needs about 10MB of RAM and 0.5-1.5% of your CPU.
  • Raidcall provides you a flexible group management system as well as additional features like voice recorder, poll, announcements, activity logs.
  • You will meet lots of new friends among Raidcall network users.

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