Revo Uninstaller

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Author:VS Revo Group
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:2.5 MB
Revo Uninstaller - innovative free tool of programs uninstalling. Combines several useful modules for performing a full cleaning of your computer, including from useless programs. The last property may be useful in cases where, for some reason, the application will not be deleted by one of the standard ways. In addition, Revo Uninstaller helps to prevent cases when after deleting the program appears message that some files failed to remove and you need to delete them manually. Such residual folders, files, registry records and other components of programs not only take up space, but also can significantly reduce system performance and even be a cause of its failure. Revo Uninstaller advanced algorithm performs a full monitoring of a system before t start uninstalling of the program. It finds all associated files and, based on these data, develops a plan how to remove. Even if at the time of installation were some glitches, Revo Uninstaller scans the system for existing application data, and displays the data about its components on your hard disk and Windows registry, allowing you easily remove them. Revo Uninstaller displays information about all installed / running software that allows you easily remove the application, stop their work, as well as remove them from startup. Available in Revo Uninstaller "hunt mode" allows you with simple drag and drop of a label of interested program in a special floating window to get quick access to all the related with it functions (deleting, starting and closing applications, Startup Manager).Main features of Revo Uninstaller:
  • Startup Manager
  • Quick access to system applets
  • Permanently deleting of unnecessary files
  • Cleaning up the browser history (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape and Opera)
  • Cleaning up of MS Office history
  • Cleaning up the history of the system
  • Auto-update program
  • Multilingual interface (there are Ukrainian and Russian).

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