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Author:Ricardo Villalba
Last Update:2015-02-26
Size:21.6 MB
It goes without saying that various media files, music videos, songs and movies can come in a number of different formats. And sometimes it’s a true challenge to find a media player that supports most of them and works flawlessly without bothering you with excess functions and lots of unnecessary things. Today media players compete to be called “players with greater compatibility”, so there is a wide range of them available. We recommend paying attention to SMPlayer, based on MPlayer you might be familiar with. It supports nearly all available formats. It is lightweight and fairly easy to use. Make sure you take an active part in installing it, not just clicking “Next”, otherwise you may end up with your browser default settings changed and some third-party software installed. But if you spend a few seconds to read the information of the screen – be sure all you’ll have installed in SMPlayer, software with great performance. After running the application you aren’t likely to face any difficulties when using it. The interface is crystal clear and user-friendly. Playback options are easily accessible, volume and progress sliders are at their places, nothing extraordinary. Of course, if you need you can add some more elements visiting the Settings tab. The program supports the following formats: AVI, MPG, WAV, OGG, FLAC and ASF. Importing media files can be performed by “drag and drop” option. After that everything is getting even easier: play your media files, pause of stop them, switch the volume, enter and escape the full screen mode, use frames and navigate within the file manually. SMPlayer can create a favorites list, export it, load files from the Internet, use subtitles, change styles, set delay periods and do many other things that are common for good desktop media players. SMPlayer is a serious competitor for other media players that support lots of formats. SMPlayer has a chance to become a media player you’d prefer!

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